Red, White and the Best Blue Jeans


Jeans | Sale Jeans for under $40! 

Coming off of a much needed relaxing weekend I am here to bring you my go-to jeans! I was on the J Brand and Frame train for a while and randomly decided to pick up a pair of Topshop jeans due to some comments on how great they were. I had very low expectations but when I put them on I was so surprised at the fit and quality of them for under $100!


They have so much stretch in them, but they don’t stretch out or get baggy at the end of the day which is so important. They also hit my ankles at the perfect spot and you can buy them based on your waist and length preference.


I highly recommend picking up a pair of Topshop jeans if you are in the market for a new pair. The best part is that Nordstrom usually has them on sale which is a major plus!

Wine Wednesday | Simpler Wines Rose


With the rising temps here in Denver I wanted to cool things down with this refreshing can of rose. I really liked the Simpler Wines White wine so I figured I should also try the rose. I really liked this wine. It is nothing fancy and great for a low key afternoon.

Here were G’s more descriptive thoughts: “The wine was crisp, refreshing, with a hint of strawberry up front, and a very bland finish.” I asked him if he would repurchase or recommend this wine and his response was “No I wouldn’t buy it again”.  He did preface it by saying that it would probably be good to purchase if you were having a large party outdoors since it would save on cost while still providing your guests with an alcoholic beverage. I would also add that the cans are fun and would be a great addition for a party. On a regular Sunday afternoon though, I would encourage you to treat yo self! To something a little better.



How we turned our front yard from zero to hero!


No one shares with you the joy of landscaping maintenance when you buy a home. G and I purchased our home about 3 years ago and of course the front and back yard were perfectly maintained with nice grass. Once we got hit by our first harsh winter and blazing hot summer our perfect yard quickly turned into an eye sore. It stayed that way for a good year and a half until we had had enough and finally decided to put in the time and effort to get it back to what it once was.

The first issue was that we had no irrigation so we knew that it was going to be a massive project to get sod and grass in there again. We also knew that G prefers to spend his weekends out with friends or in the mountains and not mowing the yard. This is when we started looking into turf and what our options were. It was honestly more money to put in real grass then it was artificial turf so we decided to go with that option.

We called several places and it was so hard to get people to call us back but The Green Guys were great! They came out right away for an estimate and got started on our front yard as soon as we were ready. They are a full service landscape company, however we decided to save some money and do everything but the turf ourselves.

We had 7 tons of cobble stone delivered from Santa Fe Sand & Gravel which was another great place to work with. They have a show room where you can go and look at all the different rock and determine what is right for your project. Once we spread that out all over our street scape we also lined our front yard with it to add some different texture and save money on the amount of turf we were putting town. The rock was very labor intensive and took us several weeks to get it all put where we want it but we are so happy with the results.

The turf also turned out great. I mean we are not fooling anyone buy making them think it is real but I think it does look like quality turf and the best part is no maintenance and green grass year round! All in all I am very happy with our final product and can’t wait to have the back yard done (fingers crossed) in a couple more weeks!



BBQ Chic



Tis the season for warm weather BBQ’s and cute dresses. I will always reach for a dress over a pair of shorts just because I feel so much more comfortable in a dress and I think it keeps me so much cooler. This dress is a favorite of the year. I found it thanks to another blogger (@courtneerodgers) and I think it is perfect for any occasion. You could dress this up and wear it to a more formal occasion or even work, or thrown on some sneakers like I did and head to a friends house. I also love how it has sleeves. This dress is a win and was only $40 during a Bloomingdales sale. I am so bummed that they don’t have the exact dress online anymore but here is a similar one.  This brand also has the best dresses for all occasions.



Weekend Ready


Jeans | Shoes | Shirt (only $12!) | Necklace

I have been struggling this week, not only because it is the week before a holiday weekend, but also because of my lack of inspiration for work outfits. My office is very causal so this outfit is pretty much the norm of what I wear along with everyone else. I was pretty pleased about how simple but still put together this outfit turned out to be. I was worried it would look a little “waiter” – ish, but I added the lariat necklace and slides which I think helped.


I think the real shinning star of this outfit is the white tee. I have such a hard time finding a white tee that fits well and can stand the test of time. This one checks all my boxes and fits true to size. It is a must have!


Have a great weekend!


Wine Wednesday | Soter Vineyards North Valley Pinot Noir


Happy Wednesday! I went to a team building event last night where we threw axes in batting cages. It was so cool and such a different activity. I highly recommend going to the Axe Room in Denver if you are close and if not see if there is something available in your city.

Anyways back to the regularly scheduled program of wine which is a good one, I mean really good! A little back story on this wine is that G and I visited this Soter on a past trip to Oregon. The winery is so cool and really unlike anything that I have seen before. The property has about 4 or 5 houses on it and the main one is where you enter with a large great room and when the family who owns the wine lived there that was their living room/kitchen/family room. After you arrive and check in they bring your tasting group to a smaller house a few feet away and that is where you sit at a large table and do the tasting. These houses would have been the kids rooms. So each little house was actually an entire room for the kids and parents. It was such a cool idea and the property is beautiful.

Now for the wine. I had one taste and I was like WOW! This stuff is good! I had forgotten how good it was. It is so smooth with some dark cherries and cola taste. It is honestly the best red wine I have had!

Here are G’s notes: This is a great example of Pinot Noir from the Pacific Northwest. The nose brings notes of strawberry, rhubarb, cherry cola, flint and wet tobacco. The wine has light body with medium acidity. The palate follows through with tart cherry and cola. This is very well balanced wine that has plenty of fruit but also some earthy tones. Good wine for the price of $35.

We ended up purchasing this bottle at the vineyard but we have seen it Molly’s. If you see it at your local wine store I highly encourage you to pick it up.

Five Points Jazz Festival



Happy Monday. The weekend here was pretty dreary with lots of rain, but we finally got a break on Saturday afternoon and got to check out the Five Points Jazz Festival. This is an annual festival held every May in the Five Points neighborhood.

They have three stages with different bands playing all throughout the day. We were able to check out a couple of bands, Hazel Miller Band, Fluxus and The King Stan Band. They were all really good and we can’t wait to check them out at some other venues around the city.


They also have lots of vendors with food, drinks and all sorts of other fun things. We got Charlie a new bandana which he loves 🙂 This is such a fun event that is free every year, so I highly suggest going to check it out. Since it is free I love how you can go for just a short amount of time to check things out but don’t feel obligated to stay for the entire day.

Have a great Monday!


What I am Loving | Pizza Edition


G and I have been loving Ian’s Pizza lately. We were going to another place for our bi weekly pizza nights and then discovered Ian’s when we were too lazy to drive far. We got lucky because Ian’s is amazing! We usually get half pepperoni for me and half grilled onions and bacon for G. The crust is super doughy so if you are in to that then you will love their pizza. The only down side is that they are located right next to Coors Field so if there is a game going on you might have trouble finding anywhere to park.


Wine Wednesday | Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay


Happy Wednesday! This week has been dragging and I can’t believe we are only half way there! But on the bright side I have this 2015 Wente – Riva Ranch – Chardonnay to cheer me up a little. And it really was just a little because I didn’t love this wine as much as some of the other chardonnays that I have had. I tasted some oak but thought it lacked that buttery taste and had more of a steely or tart taste that I don’t enjoy as much.

It’s odd because I have liked prior vintages of this wine a lot but for some reason this vintage did not sit well with me. So if you are in the market I would check out a prior vintage as well to see if that is something you might like better.

G had this to say about it: “The wine has a golden yellow hue with creme brûlée, vanilla and Asian pear on the nose. The wine is full bodied and rich for a chardonnay. The palate brings notes of butter, pineapple, vanilla, toasted oak and pear. This is a fantastic California chardonnay and the price to quality ratio is amazing. Wente is known as the first family of Chardonnay and this budget friendly wine upholds that legacy.”



The Best Gucci Belt Dupe


You have seen the Gucci Double G belt everywhere. I feel like anytime I open my Instagram I see at least 10 of them in different colors and sizes. While I would love to drop $400 on a belt, that sadly is not in my budget so I found the next best thing.

This Amazon find was a good one. I am so sad that this belt is currently unavailable but I am sure that they will bring it back soon. It is genuine leather and great quality for being under $20. It also has almost 350 reviews with an average of 4 stars. 7651005344_IMG_1648

I highly recommend getting this belt as soon as it comes back in stock. It is such a great cheap alternative to the real trendy thing.