A Fashionable Hound


Charlie has often been told that he is one good looking hound, so I thought I would share his fashion secret with everyone, bandanas! I love searching the internet for fun and unique bandanas. I first got the idea when I saw that Chelsea Handler always has her Chow’s in them and I thought they looked so cute.

When we got Charlie two years ago we started his collection. We have even started hunting for bandanas when we travel to bring him back a souvenir and remind us of a fun trip. When he was a puppy we did have issues with him chewing on the ends when he would get bored, but he eventually grew out of that and now he wears them 24-7 (except for at the dog park or doggie day care).  I swear that he likes it better when he has one on and when you look good, you feel good!

They also make really cute gifts for people who just got a pup or if you are going over to someones house who has a dog.


Here are some of Charlie’s preferred bandana companies:

Willowear – They have great packaging that is standard so they are ready to go gifts.

Wagged – This company also donates a meal to a dog for every bandana that is sold.

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