Repurposed Wine Bottle


After we finished the 5 liter Centine wine, G just could not part with the bottle. It sat on our mantel for a while until I had finally had enough. Since G is typically such a good sport about me decorating (or trying to decorate) the house, I decided that we could keep the wine bottle around, but we needed to do something with it.

I went over to our local Ross and picked up these decorative sticks for $7.99! They had a bunch of them with different colors and there are a ton of them in each package. I have also seen them at Marshalls, Home Goods and Michaels.


I just started adding sticks to the top of the wine bottle mixing in the different colors and textures until I got as many as I could in the bottle. I only used like a quarter of the bundle of sticks so there were more than enough to use for other projects if needed. I am happy with the way that it turned out and feel like it doesn’t look like it belongs in a frat house anymore.


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