Spring Jumpsuit


Shoes | Similar Jacket 

I am a jumpsuit lover! I love how easy and put together they make you look. I don’t know why people are so worried about the bathroom situation in jumpsuits? I mean you are alone in the bathroom stall anyways or just hold it! You have to make sacrifices for fashion people!

Anyways I am pretty sure this is supposed to worn to bed but honestly I don’t care. The fabric is super soft (like literally so soft) and the color is so versatile. I wore it on Sunday when we walked to brunch (at Stowaway again!) and ran some errands. It is also ideal for travel days. I wore it on my way to San Diego and it was so cozy for the flight. They sadly don’t have it online anymore but they have a shorts version. I would get a medium in the shorts but I sized down to a small in the pants. Old Navy also has some really cute jumpsuits right now too.



Repurposed Wine Bottle


After we finished the 5 liter Centine wine, G just could not part with the bottle. It sat on our mantel for a while until I had finally had enough. Since G is typically such a good sport about me decorating (or trying to decorate) the house, I decided that we could keep the wine bottle around, but we needed to do something with it.

I went over to our local Ross and picked up these decorative sticks for $7.99! They had a bunch of them with different colors and there are a ton of them in each package. I have also seen them at Marshalls, Home Goods and Michaels.


I just started adding sticks to the top of the wine bottle mixing in the different colors and textures until I got as many as I could in the bottle. I only used like a quarter of the bundle of sticks so there were more than enough to use for other projects if needed. I am happy with the way that it turned out and feel like it doesn’t look like it belongs in a frat house anymore.


Wine Wednesday | Bourgogne Chardonnay


Well we finally got a dud! I knew the day would come when I don’t like a wine and that day is today. I tired out one of the tube wines that I got from my mom last week and unfortunately it was not a winner.

This wine was the Bourgogne Chardonnay Clos De La Combe 2010. I am not sure if something happened to the wine when I transported it from California to Denver but it was bad, real bad. I usually love Chardonnay and am not picky when it comes to any wine and will literally drink anything. This wine didn’t even have a taste to comment on. It smells like rotten fermented fruit and tastes the same. I had it cold right out of the refrigerator as well as when it warmed up a bit and that still did not help.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend this wine. Better luck next week!


Weekend Breakfast at Stowaway Kitchen


This weekend we hit up one of our favorite brunch spots, Stowaway Kitchen. This place is tucked away in one of the old converted industrial buildings on Walnut street in Rino and has a really relaxed vibe. They also have a really unique breakfast/brunch menu that is delicious and filling! I had the Citrus + Vanilla Porridge and G had the Scram Breakfast Sandwich. We both also shared the blueberry scone and everything was amazing! I highly recommend this place. They usually will hold a line after 9:00am but it is worth the wait and we only had to wait like 15 minutes.




I kept this look super casual and went with athleisure wear. My pants and pullover are both Lululemon but super old. Here are good alternatives: pants, pullover.




Dog Boarding | Ace Pet Services


I love to travel but the one big stressor with traveling is finding a place that I trust that will take great care of Charlie. When we first got him we would use Camp Bow Wow and they were great, we really felt like Charlie was well taken care of and enjoyed the interaction with the other campers.

As Charlie got older we noticed that he was becoming very protective of G and I and really anyone that was in his pack for more than 5 minutes. It was at this time that I decided that Charlie really needed a place that can help train him while boarding him.


Charlie had puppy training at Noble Beast when he was a little under a year and the instructor there was amazing! He really took the time to understand Charlie and his areas of weakness and would work with us on how to correct them.

We found out that the trainer from Noble Beast opened up his own dog training and boarding out of his house and we were so excited to try it out! Ace Pet Services offers private training lessons, boarding and day care for your dog.

We were leaving for the weekend so we decided to try Ace out to see if that would work better for Charlie. The sign up process was really easy and the communication with the owner Louis was very smooth. We completed a questionnaire that let Ace know all about Charlie and any concerns we had with him. When we dropped him off we just brought his leash and food and they had everything else.  Charlie was so excited to see Louis and trotted off with him to meet the other boarders without even looking back at us!

While we were away we got several text messages with pictures letting us know how Charlie was doing. I loved getting those messages and they were just enough to give me my Charlie fix while we were gone and to reassure me he was doing well. I really liked how Ace is a home with two people that will treat my dog like their own. It felt so much more personal than a typical boarding place where they have dogs in kennels and they are alone all night.

After we picked Charlie up we got an email letting us know what they worked on for training as well as what the trainer recommends we do to keep our little hound happy and obedient.


I can’t say enough great things about Ace Pet Services. It was clear that this type of boarding works really well for Charlie and we are looking forward to our next vacation knowing that Charlie is well taken care of.



Wine Wednesday | Wine in a Tube


This week’s Wine Wednesday is brought to you by wine in a tube! I have never seen wine like this before, but it is so cool looking! My mom picked it up from Galco’s Old World Soda Shop in Los Angeles for $10 a tube. I decided to try out the Chateau Des Matards and it did not disappoint! It was really hearty and earthy and a red wine that I could get behind. It was complex with a fruity flavor on the front and a little spice on the end.

I highly recommend picking up some tube wine if you see it or are in the Los Angeles area and can stop by Galco’s. One tube equals one glass of wine and they are easy to transport if you are going somewhere that requires a glass of wine.





San Diego | Belching Beaver Brewery


Top (size down) | Shoes (true to size)

Happy Monday! This past weekend G and I made a weekend trip to San Diego and I wanted to recap my favorite outfit and brewery that we visited. My sister and I made a quick stop over at Old Navy where I spotted these camo pants. I have been on the hunt for a good pair of camo pants and had a hard time finding anything. I went into the dressing room with little confidence that these would work, but to my surprise they surpassed my expectations! They fit like a glove in my usual size 6. They have a little bit of a stretch and hit right at my ankle. I highly recommend these pants and they are currently on sale!




In the afternoon we went over to Belching Beaver Brewery in Vista and had a pint of their Peanut Butter Milk Stout on Nitro. This beer was amazing! It literally tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in beer form. It is a must try if you visit. It is pretty heavy and rich so I would recommend getting a taster size or sharing a full pour with someone. They have lots of other beer as well so everyone is sure to find something. The inside was pretty crowded when we were there but the outside patio is really nice and even though it was raining they have lots of covered space and heaters.




Friday Food Prep | Thai Green Curry Chicken Bowls


Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, hallelujah! Since G and I usually meal prep for the week on Sunday I wanted to share a recipe for Green Curry Chicken Bowls that we both thought was pretty good. The great thing about this is that it uses a crockpot so you can literally dump all this in it and go binge watch a Netflix show.

Here are the ingredients all purchased from Trader Joe’s:

-Boneless Chicken (I used a pack of breasts and a pack of thighs since I like the flavor of the dark meat better)

-Vegetable Broth (or whatever kind of broth you want to cook your chicken in)

-Green Beans washed and cut


-Rice of your choice

-Trader Joes Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce (this stuff is so good and can really be used with any protein or vegetable)

All I did was place the chicken at the bottom of the crockpot and cover with the vegetable broth. I then let that cook on low for 6  hours. At about 5 hours in I spooned out most of the broth,  and put in the Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce and dumped in the green beans and cut carrots. I let that cook on low for the last hour.

While that is finishing up I cooked the rice on the stove. Once everything was done I  put some rice in a bowl and topped it with my chicken and veggies. It was the perfect amount of food for G and I to have for lunch all week.






Wine Wednesday | Infinite Monkey Theorem


This week Wine Wednesday is about the Infinite Monkey Theorem Wine Bar in Rino. This place is literally walking distance from my house which means I am kicking myself for waiting 3 years to check it out! This is my face wondering why I have not checked this place out before!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This weekend we finally had some spring weather so G and I decided to go out on Friday night for a drink and dinner. We stopped into the IMT and were immediately asked by the bartender what we would like to drink. Their service was awesome! You can sample anything prior to ordering a full glass and they are super helpful in asking you questions to figure out what they think you might like best. G got the Cabernet Franc and I got the Sauvignon Blanc. Our bill was under $25 which is not too bad and on Monday’s they have all day happy hour!


We both agreed that the atmosphere was super relaxed and the dark lighting made it feel really chill, not stuffy winery vibes here. Will the wine win any awards, probably not, but it is perfect for a low key night. I would highly recommend checking out this wine or the winery if you are in the mood for some wine. They also have a  food truck in case you get hungry.


Why have one when you can have two?! 🙂


For my outfit I kept it super casual, because A. That’s Denver and B. We were walking. Camo jacket that again I wore all weekend (similar one here), Jeans, t-shirt, shoes.





Home & Garden Show


Another Monday, another post! This past weekend we were adulting really hard and went to the 2018 Colorado Garden & Home show. Our backyard is literally dirt so we thought we would check out the show to hopefully get some ideas on what to do with our dirt patch.


I would suggest going into the show with something in mind that you want to check out. There are a ton of vendors and it is easy to get overwhelmed or just lost in all the stuff. We knew that we were really interested in seeing artificial turf for our front and back yard so that is what we were on the hunt for. I really wanted to get some information from vendors so that I can get people to come out and get us some quotes. We were in luck and there were a few vendors that we were able to get information from.


There were really cool displays that made you want that dream backyard. I thought it was cool and a fun way to spend a couple of hours over the weekend.

For my outfit I kept it simple. I literally wore that camo jacket all weekend (similar one), AG legging jeans (cut the hem at the bottom to get my desired length), and my Tieks.

Have a good week!