What I am Loving | Pizza Edition


G and I have been loving Ian’s Pizza lately. We were going to another place for our bi weekly pizza nights and then discovered Ian’s when we were too lazy to drive far. We got lucky because Ian’s is amazing! We usually get half pepperoni for me and half grilled onions and bacon for G. The crust is super doughy so if you are in to that then you will love their pizza. The only down side is that they are located right next to Coors Field so if there is a game going on you might have trouble finding anywhere to park.


Dinner at White Pie


Jeans | Similar Shirt | Similar Shoes | Sunglasses

This past weekend started off right with dinner at a new restaurant for me, White Pie. A co worker of mine was raving about it and told me I had to check it out. It is located in the uptown neighborhood. G and I went on Friday evening and the weather was perfect so we go to sit outside on their patio. We got there around 6:30pm and there were still plenty of tables and were sat right away without a reservation. The vibe is also super casual. Most people were in jeans an t shirt and some were even in workout clothes from biking over there.

We started off with a house white wine for me and a Negroni for G as well as their house salad that fed 2-3 people. The white wine was pretty bland without much flavor, however I think that was needed to pair with all the amazing flavors of the food. G said his cocktail was great. The salad was huge! The both o us could hardly finish it and we are not light eaters so it is more than enough for 2 people.


We also got the lasagna which they are known for as well as the Paulie Walnuts pizza. I wish I had taken a photo of each, however I was too hungry and everything looked too good that I completely forgot to. The lasagna is what everyone said to get and it was homemade with about 10 layers. It was good, however I don’t think it was the best I have ever had. The pizza had mashed potatoes, bacon and candied walnuts and OMG it was amazing. If you end up going I would highly recommend getting the pizza. G and I can’t wait to go back soon and try another pizza.


FNG Restaurant Review


Another successful weekend in the books! We got lots of yard work done and were able to sneak out for an early dinner at FNG Denver.

FNG is part of the TAG restaurant group and I was lucky enough to get a gift certificate for Admin Day. FNG is located in the Highlands neighborhood and only 11 minutes from downtown. I love Guard and Grace so I was really excited to try out their new less fancy sister restaurant.

We had an early dinner and arrived a little before 5 so seating was not an issue and it was such a nice day that they had all of their windows open and it was the perfect setting. Their vibe is retro classic rock. G ordered the F’n Burger with avocado and I got the Rotisserie Chicken Salad. We also got a basket of fries to share.


The the food and the portions were great, except for the basket of fries. I think those were probably enough for one person. We ended up ordering a second basket. The drinks were probably the best part though. I got the Almost Famous and G got the Debbie Gibson. The Almost Famous had the perfect amount of sweetness to it, but not too sweet and was perfect for a warm spring day.

The only complaint that G and I had with FNG was their wait time. We think that it might have just been us for some reason but it took forever to get our food and the second order of fries. G also ordered a side of ranch dressing and that did not arrive until he was finished with his burger. Again we think that this was mainly just us for some reason so we are both down to try it again soon because the food was so good.



Hosting Game Night

G and I hosted our friends over this past weekend for game night and I wanted to share what we did that made it such a fun night. We usually get together with our friends at least a couple times a month to eat, drink and get competitive with games. Here are some of the things that I did this weekend that were a success!


I decided to keep it super simple and do pulled pork sliders. I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed a big chunk of pork butt 🙂 and roasted it with Dr. Pepper and salt and pepper for 6-7 hours on low in the crock pot. Once it was cooked I went ahead and shredded it and added in some BBQ sauce. For the buns we did the Kings Hawaiian Rolls which were small but delicious so get plenty! We also whipped up some Cole Slaw for dressing which was super easy.

The best part in my opinion was the dessert! I wanted something super easy and while we were at Wal-Mart socking up we walked by the Little Debbie’s and could not pass it up (plus our group had talked about how much we used to love them as kids so I thought it would be a funny reminder). I ended up getting a box of Nutty Bars and Fancy Cakes. They were so good and so easy since I just set them up on my dessert tower. They were also a hit and only $2 a box!




We had plenty of Whisky on hand as well as Vodka, wine and beer. One thing we learned from our friends was to get a bag of ice. Our ice machine in our refrigerator is good but with 6 or 7 people getting drinks filled with ice it can go quick and not having any is a real bummer.


Our game of choice is Catch Phrase. I ordered a new Catch Phrase: Uncensored on Amazon and it was a fun mix up from the regular version we usually play. This is definitely not x-rated so you could play it with your family as well.

I also put out my new Instax Camera. It was fun to have people be able to take pictures throughout the night.


*Pro tip* Get your dog a bone or toy that will occupy them for the night. I got Charlie the biggest bone I could find and that kept his attention all night. It is never fun to have someone else’s dog trying to eat your dinner and our dog is 100 lbs so that is a lot of dog coming at you!

Game night has turned into such a fun night for us with friends and I am looking forward to continuing the tradition.


Why I Never Need to Eat Chick-Fil-A Again




How can I stay away from Chick-fil-A you ask? Well it’s because I have found an even better place! birdcall opened up in 2017 in the 5-Points neighborhood in Denver and has quickly become by favorite go to fast food joint. I liked how one employee put it “we accept everyone and are open on Sunday’s” I mean what is not to like?!  I always find myself wanting a chicken sandwich on a Sunday while running errands. On top of their low key vibe they have incredible food and a really tech savvy ordering process.


They have employees that work there, however you place your order by swiping your credit card on the iPad and using that to place your order. You can make modifications to all of their chicken sandwiches and add on a combo of fries and a drink. What is awesome about this is that you can take your time with the ordering process and it saves your orders based off the credit card used, so when you go back it’s an easy process to order what you know you love again. My go to order is the original grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickles with fries and a drink.
Once your order has been placed your name and wait time will show up on the monitor so you know exactly when your food will be ready. They will also send you a text message when your food is ready, if you are sitting outside and not in front of the monitor.
Since birdcall is locally owned they use locally sourced chicken which is really nice and not something that you will get from your local Chick-fil-A. They even parter with other restaurants like Rosenberg’s Bagels where they use their everything bagel as a bun.
I highly recommend checking out birdcall next time you have a chicken sandwich (or veggie sandwich) craving! They also have breakfast so you can go whenever the craving strikes!

Weekend Breakfast at Stowaway Kitchen


This weekend we hit up one of our favorite brunch spots, Stowaway Kitchen. This place is tucked away in one of the old converted industrial buildings on Walnut street in Rino and has a really relaxed vibe. They also have a really unique breakfast/brunch menu that is delicious and filling! I had the Citrus + Vanilla Porridge and G had the Scram Breakfast Sandwich. We both also shared the blueberry scone and everything was amazing! I highly recommend this place. They usually will hold a line after 9:00am but it is worth the wait and we only had to wait like 15 minutes.




I kept this look super casual and went with athleisure wear. My pants and pullover are both Lululemon but super old. Here are good alternatives: pants, pullover.




Friday Food Prep | Thai Green Curry Chicken Bowls


Happy Friday! We made it to the weekend, hallelujah! Since G and I usually meal prep for the week on Sunday I wanted to share a recipe for Green Curry Chicken Bowls that we both thought was pretty good. The great thing about this is that it uses a crockpot so you can literally dump all this in it and go binge watch a Netflix show.

Here are the ingredients all purchased from Trader Joe’s:

-Boneless Chicken (I used a pack of breasts and a pack of thighs since I like the flavor of the dark meat better)

-Vegetable Broth (or whatever kind of broth you want to cook your chicken in)

-Green Beans washed and cut


-Rice of your choice

-Trader Joes Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce (this stuff is so good and can really be used with any protein or vegetable)

All I did was place the chicken at the bottom of the crockpot and cover with the vegetable broth. I then let that cook on low for 6  hours. At about 5 hours in I spooned out most of the broth,  and put in the Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce and dumped in the green beans and cut carrots. I let that cook on low for the last hour.

While that is finishing up I cooked the rice on the stove. Once everything was done I  put some rice in a bowl and topped it with my chicken and veggies. It was the perfect amount of food for G and I to have for lunch all week.