Denver Graffiti Tour



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I am so excited to be able to finally post about my experience with the Denver Graffiti Tour! I live for the weekends and this was such a fun way to learn more about my neighborhood as well as get out and enjoy the perfect weather last weekend.

Denver Graffiti Tour officially launched last weekend and was started by a husband and wife team. They went on a graffiti tour in Bogota Colombia and fell in love with the idea and brought it to Denver. The tours are $20 per person which may seem a little pricy but I can assure you that it is well worth it. They have spent so much time researching all of the different artists and pieces around the RiNo area and it really shows when you are on the tour.

This two hour walking tour will take you around the Denver RiNo neighborhood, where you will get information on the art pieces as well as the artists themselves. The tour starts at 10:00am (they also have tours starting at 3:00 which would be fun to do before dinner) which allowed us to get a small breakfast and coffee at Port Side (highly recommend this by the way) and end right in time for lunch. The tour begins at the “Love This City” mural on Broadway. From there you walk a little over a mile up and down Larimer street, where you stop at the different pieces and talk about them. This is where I think that Denver Graffiti Tour does a great job. They know everything about the pieces that we stopped at and were able to point out so many things that I have missed. Mind you I drive by this art at least once a day and walk by it probably once a week, so I am very familiar with the area. The level of knowledge that our guide has was amazing which made it very educational and worthwhile.

I highly recommend taking this tour. It is really great for everyone of all ages that are fine with a little walking (luckily are no hills or anything too strenuous). The great part about street art as we learned on the tour, is that it is always changing so the tour you take this weekend may not be the same tour you take a year from now. I think this is so cool because you can keep coming back with different groups and see different things.


loved this one with the letters spelling out magic (@LOVEPUSHER).




This was buy a female artist which I thought was cool and I loved the details in the face.


Love that chicken fish and that this artist does these pieces to make his daughter laugh (@MIKEROANE)!


They pointed out things on the tour that I would have never noticed like this wheat paste hand.


This is from an Oakland artist that was passing through Denver.


Love all the colors on this building.


I couldn’t believe the amount of detail they can get by using a can of spray paint!


Again the detail is just insane! I have so many more photos I could share but these were just a few of my favorites.