How we turned our front yard from zero to hero!


No one shares with you the joy of landscaping maintenance when you buy a home. G and I purchased our home about 3 years ago and of course the front and back yard were perfectly maintained with nice grass. Once we got hit by our first harsh winter and blazing hot summer our perfect yard quickly turned into an eye sore. It stayed that way for a good year and a half until we had had enough and finally decided to put in the time and effort to get it back to what it once was.

The first issue was that we had no irrigation so we knew that it was going to be a massive project to get sod and grass in there again. We also knew that G prefers to spend his weekends out with friends or in the mountains and not mowing the yard. This is when we started looking into turf and what our options were. It was honestly more money to put in real grass then it was artificial turf so we decided to go with that option.

We called several places and it was so hard to get people to call us back but The Green Guys were great! They came out right away for an estimate and got started on our front yard as soon as we were ready. They are a full service landscape company, however we decided to save some money and do everything but the turf ourselves.

We had 7 tons of cobble stone delivered from Santa Fe Sand & Gravel which was another great place to work with. They have a show room where you can go and look at all the different rock and determine what is right for your project. Once we spread that out all over our street scape we also lined our front yard with it to add some different texture and save money on the amount of turf we were putting town. The rock was very labor intensive and took us several weeks to get it all put where we want it but we are so happy with the results.

The turf also turned out great. I mean we are not fooling anyone buy making them think it is real but I think it does look like quality turf and the best part is no maintenance and green grass year round! All in all I am very happy with our final product and can’t wait to have the back yard done (fingers crossed) in a couple more weeks!